Stadium Seats

Happy Cheeks™ Bleacher Cushions

For years and years, fans have been forced to sit on hard bleachers on substandard bleacher seats. Well, the time has come to sit in comfort!

Manufactured from molded urethane foam, our bleacher cushions ensure long term comfort, support, and durability...throughout the entire game. Our bleacher seats are sized perfectly to fit on a standard bleacher, 18" long x 9" wide x 3" thick.

At Ultimate Comfort Seating, "We Create Happy Cheeks"™, and we mean it.
Stadium Seats

Support Yourself and Your Team in Comfort.

Our Happy Cheeks™ Bleacher Seats are the ONLY stadium seats on the market made from molded urethane foam. Gone are the days of “bottoming out" as soon as you sit down!  Our stadium seats ensure long term comfort, support, and durability…throughout the entire sporting event.

The seat is lightweight and easy to carry. Order 2 and receive free 6mm biner clips for easy "no hands" carrying. You won't even know you have it with you. Your cheeks will thank you though.
Stadium Seats

Made To Last Many, Many Years...

Molded foam is the most durable foam that money can buy. It's used in all automobile seating for that reason. Molded foam can deliver long term comfort. It's used in expensive office chairs for that reason.

The cover is a tough, 80/20 mix of nylon and spandex. It is machine washable to look good for many, many seasons. Cover can be removed or tightened using the adjustable clip. Drawstring doubles as a carrying handle.
School Fundraisers

Multiple Uses, Multiple Applications...

From sporting events to outdoor activities, our Happy Cheeks™ Stadium Seat will provide comfort, warmth, and durability. Colored or camo, you will be sure to fit in at the game or in the great outdoors.

Happy Cheeks are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, customer appreciation, or friendship gifts.

Heck, bring it to church if you so choose....
NFL Compliant Stadium Seats

NFL Compliant Bleacher Cushions

Starting in 2013, the NFL and its teams have instituted a new bag policy limiting the size and type of bags allowed for fans entering games. This new provision additionally outlaws non-approved seat cushions. Fear not, the Happy Cheeks Bleacher Seat is an NFL approved seat cushion.

Order our NFL Compliant bleacher cushion (without a cover) and support your favorite team in ultimate comfort!