Mission Statement

Our goal is to produce stadium seating of exceptional quality and characteristics, so as to produce comfort and support for the fan the entire duration of the sporting event. 


I'm Jack Gibbons and for many years I sold molded urethane foam parts to all the major Automotive and Contract Office Furniture companies in the USA. One day I was going to a Michigan State football game and I realized that I was not looking forward to sitting on the hard bleachers for the next five hours or so. So I went to the basement and got a piece of foam that was being used as a chair cushion for one of my customers. I cut it into a size of 18”x9”, which is the width of your seat at a college game and all bleacher seats are 9” deep.

I went to the game and at the end of it I realized that my back didn't hurt, my hips and legs felt great, and for the first time in my life I had sat in total comfort the whole game. As the season progressed I had all the folks around me try it and they too agreed it was amazing. They all asked “where can I get one of these seats”? That got me to thinking. I knew that there was a cost of aluminum tooling for the seat that ran into the thousands of dollars, but it was a cost I had to pay because you can't make a seat out of expensive molded foam without a tool. All my competitors use fabricated foam in their seats because it's cheap and doesn't require tooling. They also flatten out and don't work, but that's another story that I'm sure you're all aware of. I took a chance and bought the tool.

When I made my first parts, I decided to give 100 away free at the next MSU game. No cover, just the piece of foam. I also gave all those who got one, a small postcard asking them to tell me what they thought. WOW, I got 58 of them back with 38 writing comments, which ranged from “I love this thing, to I'm buying some”. With that amazing amount of return, I knew we had something.

Fast forward to today five years later, and we've developed the cover and sold thousands of these seats through our website. I've received hundreds of feedback e-mails telling me how well the product works, and how satisfied they are with the money they spent.

Our goal now is to furnish the whole country with a seat that really works for what it was intended to do, and can be used in multiple ways. Your patronage of the seat tells us we're on our way to that goal.

Also, we're proudly made in the USA in the state of Michigan so “Buy American” is in our DNA.

The science behind our seat is quite simple. Molded foam is the best foam for seating and now we have pioneered a way to use it in a common bleacher seat. Try it and see if you don't agree. And remember, this seat is very durable and will last you many years to come. Buy it once, and use it a lifetime. Our motto is “We produce Happy Cheeks and we mean it”. Thanks for all your support and let's tell everyone that if you buy one, you will quickly realize it's the best money you ever spent.

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