Happy Cheeks Bleacher Seats

Furniture Grade Molded Foam Specs

Density - 3.0# per cubic foot

Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) - 55

Thickness -  Center 2.5"

                       Outer Edges 3.0"

Resiliency - 55%

Flammability - Meets California 117

Sag Factor - 2.76

Elongation - 120%


Indentation Load Deflection:  A measure of foam firmness.  A sample is compressed to 25% of its original thickness.  The amount of force ( in pounds) required to do so, is the ILD.  Can vary from 20 (very soft) to 80 ( very firm ).

Density: A measure of the amount of chemicals used in the manufacture of the foam.  It is typically expressed in pounds per cubic foot.  Molded foam is 3.0#/cf, versus fabricated foam which is 1.5#/cf.  Higher density foam can support more weight and is more comfortable and durable. 

Resiliency: A measure of foam "springiness" or ability to resist force.  A steel ball is dropped from a height of 36", and the rebound is measured in inches.  The higher the resiliency, the more comfortable and durable the foam is.  Can vary from 10-70%

Sag Factor: A measure of load deflection at 65% compression divided by the load deflection at 25%.  The higher the Sag Factor, the more support in the foam.  Can vary from 1.0 to 3.5. 

Elongation: A measure of the ability of the foam to "stretch" before tearing. 

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