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General Disclaimer:
While we endeavor to keep this website up to date and accurate at the time of publishing, including product pricing, we do no accept any liability to any person or persons, for loss or damages which may arise from the information contained in this website.  We retain the right to change the pricing of any product at any time and to refuse orders which contain products that are priced incorrectly.  Ultimate Comfort Seating LLC retains the right to refuse orders. 

Copyright Issues:
“Happy Cheeks” is the trademarked possession of Ultimate Comfort Seating LLC.  Its use is strictly prohibited by any outside party for any reason.  All products and images, where applicable, remain the copyright of Ultimate Comfort Seating LLC. 

Data Protection:
Ultimate Comfort Seating LLC does not and will not sell anyone its database of customers, or information contained on customers.  This remains the confidential property of Ultimate Comfort Seating LLC, unless express consent is given by the customer.  We are committed to protecting your privacy. 

Returns Policy:
Ultimate Comfort Seating LLC makes every effort to ensure that the product will arrive in perfect condition.  However, in the unlikely event of the product arriving damaged, customers should contact Customer Service (616) 293-4437 within three days of arrival, and return the package and part within 7 days, for a replacement part.  Shipping and handling costs will be paid by Ultimate Comfort Seating LLC.

Refunds & Repairs:
The “Happy Cheeks” stadium seat is guaranteed to be free of defects for the first year of use. If your purchase from Ultimate Comfort Seating LLC is found to be faulty and is in its guarantee period, please return it to us for a full refund or exchange.  The customer should call Customer Service (616) 293-4437 and explain the defect.  Dirt, stains, burns, cuts, or foam and cover defects due to excessive “wear and tear” will not be considered reasons for return.  If the defect is determined to be the fault of Ultimate Comfort Seating, we will replace at no cost and pay all shipping and handling costs. 

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