What is “comfortable”?

Webster says it's “a state of ease and freedom from pain”.

How does “Happy Cheeks®” achieve that nirvana and proudly say that we're the only one that does?

  1. Superior Foam

    -Ford, GM, Steelcase, Herman Miller use the same foam as we do, and extensively test it for comfort and durability. It's the best there is for car seats, office chairs, and now bleacher/stadium seats. We are the ONLY bleacher seat company that uses flexible molded urethane foam as it's core.
  2. Superior Ergonomic Shape

    -Bolsters keep you centered, tapers slightly to the front for less bulk under your legs, perfect thickness for long term support and comfort.
  3. Superior Science

    -The chemical reaction that makes molded urethane foam creates millions of small cells that act as “springs” under you to “support” your weight vs. flatten (“bottom out”) under it. Chemically adjusting the ILD and density creates the comfortable and durable seat characteristics.
  4. Superior Customer Care

    -“Happy Cheeks®” weigh less than a pound and when you order two, we throw in free (6mm aluminum biner) carrying clips. Clip onto your belt loop or purse and leave your hands free. We also ship free the next day, and if you don't like it, just ship it back and we'll refund your money.

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