Solheim Cup Bleacher Seat

What makes Happy Cheeks™ better than a regular foam cushion?

We're glad you asked!

Ultimate Comfort Seating is the first Company to use furniture grade molded urethane foam as the basis for the cushion itself. Our reasoning is easy. It’s the only way to give you the long term comfort and support you need to sit through an entire sporting event on metal or wood bleachers without unhappy cheeks. Our competitors use fabricated foam in their bleacher seats because it’s cheaper. It also “bottoms out” and you get no long term comfort at all. Our competitors rely on the fact that when you simply “squeezed” it at the store, you thought it felt comfortable. Sitting on it for several hours will make you think differently. Our seat is made to be comfortable for the entire game and even into overtime. Only molded foam has the mechanical ability to make that happen, and that’s why we use it exclusively. It’s more expensive to use molded foam, but our motto is “We Create Happy Cheeks”™, and we intend to live up to it every day.

What type of foam is used in the "high end" executive office chairs and automobiles?

They use the exact same foam that we do in the Happy Cheeks™.  Our product is produced in Grand Rapids, Michigan by the same company who supplies the local customers in the Contract Office Furniture industry.  The Automotive market has been using molded foam exclusively for many years.  The industry leaders use molded foam for their best seating products, and that's proof enough for us. 

How Easy Is It To Carry? Does it Have a Handle?

The part weighs barely a pound.  Use the drawstring as a handle, tie it around a beltloop for "no hands" carrying, slip it under your arm, or attach/tie it to your backpack.  If you order two, you get free 6mm. aluminum biners carrying clips for "no hands" carrying.   However you carry it, you won't even know you have it with you.  That is until you sit down and your cheeks remind you of how happy they are...

How Long Should The Seat Last?

Molded urethane foam is one of the most durable types of foam produced today.  That's why it's used almost exclusively in automobiles, and expensive seating.  Short of taking a scissors to it or burning it, the seat should last for a long time.   The cover may need replacing from time to time because of wear and tear, but the foam will perform for many years to come. 

Can The Cover Be Washed?

Yes, the spandex cover is machine washable in cold water. Please allow the cover to air dry.

How do I remove the cover?

To remove the cover from the cushion, begin by pushing forward on the round button in the clip to release the locking mechanism. Proceed by sliding the clip down the string to provide excess slack. Remove Cover.

To replace the cover, move the clip about four inches down the drawsting and then pull the cover over edge of foam.  That's best done with the foam upside down with the curved edge away from you and the cover upside down with the drawstring on your right side.  When positioned, pull on the drawsting one at a time until about 1-1 1/2" of fabric is over the edge.  Use your hands under the edge of the fabric to position it.  Pull until tight, push the button down to put the clip into the locked position.

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