Sitting is as natural as standing, and we sit more than we stand. The difference is that when you sit, you put pressure on your hips and spine that results in pain. That pain can be eliminated when you sit on a Happy Cheeks® comfort seat. How can we say that? I'll try with the following long but worthwhile explanation.

If you are sitting on a hard surface your muscles, ligaments and joints take on more strain than nature intended. When you sit for an extended time you get back pain, stiffness, numbness and swelling in your lower legs. In a thought, you get "unhappy cheeks".

To solve that problem you must sit on something that not only cushions you, but SUPPORTS your weight. That is exactly what our cushion does. Foam is not foam as the other cushion manufacturers would like you to believe. Don't be fooled by simply squeezing a cushion and thinking it will be comfortable. Sitting on it for an extended time is the only way to determine if the cushion will actually work.

Since buying on a website makes that impossible, I will submit three facts about the foam we use in our cushion.

  • Fact (1) Our foam is exactly the same as used in almost 100% of the automobile seating produced in the world and it is used by the largest and most prestigious Contract Furniture Manufacturers almost exclusively for their high end seating products. Both of the above markets test the foam in excess of any real world use. They want elimination of back pain, leg numbness, and pressure point pain. Because of its long term comfort and durability both markets pick molded urethane foam as the very best foam out there.
  • Fact (2) The physical specifications for our foam are the very best out there and can be viewed on the website. I won't bother you with all of them except one, with that being "rebound". Foregoing all the mumbo jumbo, "rebound" is the ability of the foam to push back against static weight. You sit on it (add static), and the foam pushes back against it. Proper support is dependent on the density of the foam, and thus the number of cells it in. High density molded urethane foam SUPPORTS your weight instead of "bottoming out" or going flat. On molded foam you are "floating" on a sea of bubbles (cells). Pressure is released from your hips and spine and your back feels great. So do your legs. That support will continue as long as you are sitting on the cushion, unlike the cheap, low density foams our competitors use.
  • Fact (3) This seat will be one you will use for many, many years. In fact, you will become addicted to it as you realize it actually works. And to support the durability, I will quote the hundreds of prior customers who have stopped by my booth at US131 Dragstrip over the last four years. They tell me, "I bought it 2-4 years ago, I take it everywhere, it still looks and works great, and I love it.  It's the best money I have ever spent". Additionally please read the customer comments on the website.

The Happy Cheeks® bleacher/comfort seat is an item that once you buy it and use it you'll say "where has this thing been all my life". Buy it once, and use it a lifetime!

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