Happy Cheeks Bleacher Seats

Your seat is "hands down" the finest stadium seat I have ever purchased. I just ordered a second one for my wife. Thanks again!
B. Long (Charlotte, NC)

This is our third bulk order. Started with wrestling parents and it has now spilled over into soccer. All the Moms love their Happy Cheeks®. It's amazing how comfortable they are. Thanks from Arizona!!
D. Cleary (Cave Creek, AZ)

We tell everyone they are awesome! A friend gave them to us originally, and we ordered four more for our tailgate friends. One of those friends just ordered four more. It's the most comfortable tailgate in years!! Thanks for your product.
L. Daly (Canton, MI)

I liked it a lot. It did keep its shape the entire game. It also gave a great shield to the cold and it never felt cold.
MSU Fan (East Lansing, MI)

I love them so much and because they are so attractive, I have them sitting on my hearth in front of the fireplace.
S. Hamilton (Bakersfield, CA)

You have a really great product. My father took one of the cushions to a NASCAR race in Charlotte recently. He's a picky man, so I knew when he said it was great, it was. He was thoroughly impressed and I can't tell you how your product has saved my back and bottom from bleacher pain and discomfort. Thanks
M. Misher (China Grove, NC)

I've been sitting on bleachers for forty-five years and I've tried countless bleacher seats. At my grandsons baseball game in Casa Grande two ladies in front of us had your seat and they loved them. I ordered two. We love them too!! Thanks for making such a great product. It's the best bleacher seat I have ever sat on.
J. Schumaker (Tempe, AZ)

I was at a NASCAR race in Bristol TN and your product was recommended by another fan. I bought one and just want you to know that the race this year was the most comfortable race I have ever been to. Thanks.
R. Brown (Martinez, GA)

I love your product! We discovered you at the NCAA's in Texas. Thanks for making it.
C. Osterberg (Eugene, OR)

I have never sat through a game in such comfort. It was as comfortable as my chair in front of the T.V.
MSU Fan (East Lansing, MI)

Within 25 minutes I placed my order, you shipped it and called me back to confirm shipping!! I am ecstatic to say the seat arrived on Monday and my aging Dad enjoyed 4 of the 5 nights of rodeo!! He has been singing your praises to everyone he sees and carries his Happy Cheeks® everywhere he goes. Without your innovation, he would not have been able to sit for the 3 hour rodeos. Thank you so much for inventing the seat.
T.Hendrickson (Spearville, KS)

I have lots of people ask where I got this seat at the football games. It is by far and away the best seat our there!
G. Crago (Lansing, MI)

They are perfect for watching the Grandkids play baseball. They are durable, easy to clean, store easily in the car, and very comfortable. Thanks.
J. Castelli (New Hudson, MI)

We love our cushions and use them at our son's various games. Everyone loves them and we have trouble getting them back. Thanks for a great product.
S. Ellis (Craig Falls, OR)

Incredibly comfortable - Loved the way it stayed "flat" and didn't "form" to your profile so comfortable for multiple uses. I hope it is successful for you. Thank you for the opportunity.
MSU Fan (East Lansing, MI)

Just wanted to say that I have a pair of these and love them. These two are Christmas presents for our in-laws who never miss a game. I'm sure they will love them too!
J. Ryan (Worthington, OH)

My husband and I love our Happy Cheeks®. We use them three times per week at our daughter's basketball games. It's the most comfortable season we've ever had.
J. Gorski (Elk Grove, CA)

The cushion is fantastic!! It provides both comfort and warmth at my boy's games.
T. Lucius (Shoreview, MN)

It works on the core. I found myself centering on the cushion and sitting up straighter and my back felt great. Not stressed and stomach pulls in when using the core and relieves any pressure on the lower back. Loved it! I'll use it on my couch at home!
MSU Fan (East Landing, MI)

Love it Jack. Thank you for your great service in getting it to me on time. I showed it to the fans at the dirt track and they were extremely jealous! What a comfortable seat!!
B. Allport (Los Cruces, NM)

We go to the Gaternational Drag Races each year in Gainesville. Some of our friends have your cushions and they swear by them. We just got ours and they look great and feel great. I'm sure that we'll finally have Happy Cheeks® this year. Thanks for a great product.
B. Aubrey (Gainesville, FL)

Thanks for your help in getting the right color. My wife's Mom got one and loves it and that's why she wanted one.
M. Floyd (Pinconning, MI)

Doesn't flatten when sitting on it - Great in my tree stand.
MSU Fan (East Lansing, MI)

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